Gizzard Gary Productions

Kansas-based firearm and 2A podcaster and social media creator. Guns, gear, and knife reviews, Second Amendment advocacy, industry event coverage, and live panel discussion – from the perspective of an older guy who began his modern firearm journey in 2015, at age 55.

Host of Fowl Territory, a weekly live podcast (panel discussion), Fridays @ 9pm to 11pm Central – live streamed on YouTube/Facebook/Twitch, additionally available on replay on Rumble and Utreon, and also available later as an audio podcast on most popular podcast platforms.

Gizzard Gary Productions is proud to be a NSSF Media Member since 2020, and has been credentialed media at NSSF Shot Show, NRAAM, TriggrCon, and Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show. Video and photo content created and shared on social media.

Contact information:

Gary Decker, Gizzard Gary Productions
PO Box 101, Burlington KS 66839-0101
(785) 204-2601