Gizzard Gary Productions

Kansas-based firearm and 2A podcaster and social media creator. Guns and gear reviews, Second Amendment advocacy, industry event coverage, and live panel discussion – from the perspective of an older guy who began his modern firearm journey in 2015, at age 55.

Host of Fowl Territory, a weekly live podcast (panel discussion), Fridays @ 9pm to 11pm Central.

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Gizzard Gary Productions is proud to be a NSSF Media Member since 2020. Credentialed media at NSSF SHOT Show (since 2020), NRAAM 2022, Triggrcon 2022, as well as Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show (since 2018).

Contact information:

Gary Decker, Gizzard Gary Productions
PO Box 101, Burlington KS 66839-0101
(785) 204-2601